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William English Middlie Line DIVORCE

When a family’s economic and family life are split apart including their futures together, it is not an easy task to fit all the complications of mortgages, retirement assets, personal assets, credit card debts and medical bills, living arrangements, alimony, children’s needs, and restraining orders into the statutes and case law governing divorces. 

When complicating issues of cross border divorces, or a prospective immigrant with a conditional visa is facing divorce, the burdens can be overwhelming.  Other complicating issues are allegations of one spouse hiding assets, the possibility of one or both spouses filing for bankruptcy, property that is owned in a foreign country and US tax law issues.   Mortgages that are financially underwater are another common difficulty.  The separation of interests in a commonly owned business are particularly challenging, but have been handled successfully in past cases. 

I have taken divorce cases to trial, and to mediation ever since I took my first divorce case in 1992.   I have had great success settling tough cases and guiding clients on to the next phase of their life.  I strive to make the divorce process as simple and understandable as well as affordable to my clients. 

My background as an accountant has helped me make an inherently complex process at least manageable and solvable.  Personal financial planning for AFTER the divorce is over is an important part of my representation as well as the most likely cash flow for my client in future years. 

If you have a divorce case with an international component that seems overwhelming, please feel free to call 907-274-3633 for a free consultation.